This website has quite a history. It all started many years ago when I built a static html page with descriptions of various car logos (it’s located here, in case you’re interested). I was surprised to find it popular, getting a fair amount of traffic. Even more surprising was the eagerness of visitors to help correct me when wrong, and provide new information when missing! The support from the community was impressive…and a bit overwhelming. I found that I didn’t have a good workflow for updating that static html page. More so, it was a bit of a pain to do so.

Over time, I realized the solution lay with a Wiki. Converting the site to a Wiki format would allow the community to more actively participate. No longer would people fire off an email into the void, where it’d sit for weeks or even months before I’d act on it and update the website. Now, people can quickly edit the page themselves here (to reduce spam edits, you do need to create a free account and log in in order to do so)!  Unfortunately…it just looked bleh.  So, I’ve converted it to a different content platform.

I owe a lot to the internet community for helping me with the content acquired so far. With your continued support, we can build this into a great database of car logo information! Thanks!